Kudos to the residents of Eldorado Road for an Earth Day cleanup of a nice portion of Elgin Road!  Joe and Jodi Villacrez coordinated an effort on Saturday, 10 April to pick up trash along Elgin Rd from County M to Elk Road which was attended by many Eldorado residents.  This resulted in several large trashbags full of unsightly garbage being removed from the roadside.  Joe said it best in his invite to his neighbors:

"To show our commitment to the community 51 years ago, my brothers and I along with the other 10 neighborhood kids cleaned up our country road down by Monroe, Wisconsin in observance of the first Earth Day.  We were amazed at the amount of stuff we pickup up and hauled to the dump. That effort has always stuck in my memory of the power of community involvement and has kept me involved in a lifelong endeavor to recycle.  In celebration of the upcoming Earth Day on the 22nd of April, our efforts will get our neighborhood looking top notch while showing we are good stewards of the earth."

Well done to the Eldorado Crew!!